Adjustable Cylinder Snapper Kit

Adjustable Cylinder Snapper Kit

A professional tool developed to break ‘Euro’ and UK ‘Oval’ lock cylinders with ease. Effective and efficient on cylinders with as little as 3-4mm protrusion.

  • Manufactured using hardened high grade tool steel for rugged durability
  • Quick and easy ‘On-Off’ action
  • Hardened serrated vice jaws for secure grip
  • Two kit options – Euro only and Euro/Oval complete
  • Both kits include a useful Universal multi purpose key
  • Kit supplied in a smart tough moulded storage case

Dual Heavy Duty Euro & Oval kit
As above but Euro Only Kit
Spare Oval Head
Spare Euro Head

Where to buy

Many items are for Locksmiths only and are on RESTRICTED sale. Please contact your Locksmith Distributor for these.