About Souber® Tools

Souber® Tools was first established in 1990 by the founder, and Managing Director, Paul Souber. He had worked for Chubb Locks for 13 years and he brought his extensive engineering skill to this new venture which he devoted entirely to the needs of professional locksmiths.

In 1989 Paul invented his first product for locksmiths and it was this that prompted him to begin Souber® Tools to market his invention. Since then new products have been developed at a great pace and the Souber® Tools range now comprises some 600 lines including the acclaimed DBB 5 Minute Morticer.

Initially, the Company concentrated on the design and packaging of products, with manufacturing being carried out by expert, trusted, contractors. To increase control of quality and precision, many of our manufacturing processes have been brought in-house and we now manage the complete process;

• concept
• research & development
• manufacture
• packaging
• marketing and distribution.

Within the locksmith trade our company, and our precision tools, have established a strong reputation for high quality, reliability and efficiency of service. This has fuelled our success in the domestic market and in addition we now also export to over 20 countries Worldwide including Australia, Japan and the United States.

Our aim has always been to provide ‘simple, effective, precision tools – affordable and easy to use’.