Lock Openers

Super Mica
Mica handles
UPVC latch tool (Type 1)
UPVC latch tool (Type 2) Ref ULT2
Double ended lever Ref ULT/L
Adjustable Cylinder Snapper Kit
Cylinder snapper
Ingersoll SC71 lock opener (Ref ING1)
Digital Lock tool (Ref DLT1)
Special keys (bump keys)
Letter box tool (Ref LBT1)
Letter box brush tool (LBT/BT)
Letter box tool spares
Letter box mirror tool
Plug spinner
Key turner (Ref KT1)
Padlock shim pack (Ref PAD20)

Where to buy

Many items are for Locksmiths only and are on RESTRICTED sale. Please contact your Locksmith Distributor for these.