Warding & hand files

Warding & hand files

A range of popular files for the Locksmith.

Warding File

To choose the size and type required simply decide on the length (this is the amount of filing length) and then the type of cut.

Length: 4″ (100mm), 6″ (150mm), 8″ (200mm)
Cut reference: Second Cut (Medium) – Ref. SC
Smooth – Ref. SM
The order Reference becomes WF/Length/Cut. eg. WF/6/SM

Hand File

The order reference is HF/10/BC (Hand file, 10″, Rough)
Note: the Hand File is only available as 10″ Bastard Cut.

Where to buy

Many items are for Locksmiths only and are on RESTRICTED sale. Please contact your Locksmith Distributor for these.