Hi-tack adhesive pads (Ref SB1/5)

Hi-tack adhesive pads (Ref SB1/5)

A pack of 5 adhesive pads for sticking objects to flat surfaces.

These pads are exactly the same pads used on our escutcheons. Great for notices, signs, push plates etc. where a quick permanent fixing is required without the use of screws.

Hi-tack adhesive pads

  • Double sided 0.8mm thick black foam
  • High tack adhesive
  • Very stable in use
  • A pack of 5 plain double sided adhesive pads
  • Pad size: 64mm x 46mm

Do not use the pads for temporary fixings.

Where to buy

Many items are for Locksmiths only and are on RESTRICTED sale. Please contact your Locksmith Distributor for these.